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Services @ Mr. Tire & Complete Auto Repairs. We are conveniently located at 1603 Hiram Douglas Hwy, Hiram GA 30141.





Mr. Tire of Hiram offers complete car repair services. We can do everything from checking your fluids, to rebuilding your engine.
Our experienced mechanics utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that prompt and correct repair is done.
Regular maintenance is the key to a vehicle running smoothly and lasting a lot longer and Mr. Tire offers a complete lineup
of professional services to help you. Our services come at very affordable price and keep your car running safe and without a glitch.
Here at Mr. Tire, there are numerous services that we have to offer as follows:

*Wheel Alignments
*Air Conditioning Service
•Oil & Filter Change,
•Transmission Service,
•CV Joints
•Differential Service,
•Power Steering SVC,
•Brake Service,
•New Battery Service,
•Routine Maintenance Service,
•Factory Scheduled Maintenance,
•Chassis Lubrication,
•Wheel Bearings
*Ball Joints
*Idler Arms
Pitman Arms
•Computerized Engine Diagnosis,
•New and used tire
Steering Gear,
•Suspension System,
*Coil Springs,
•Control Arms,
*Drive Train
•Engine Overhaul/Replacement,
•Transmission Overhaul/Replacement,
•Differential Overhaul/ Replacement,
•Drive Shafts,
•Timing Belts And Water Pump.

We work hard to make YOUR life easier. Whenever you want personalized service, make sure to contact us today!
Phone: (770) 222-9680


Mr. Tire & Complete Auto Repairs on 1603 Hiram Douglas Hwy, Hiram GA 30141